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What We DoAn easy and efficient way to create Subtitles for TV Ads

"SubtitleNow is a portal from Digital Nirvana in collaboration with Clearcast. Digital Nirvana provides media management solutions for the increasingly media-centric world, and SubtitleNow is a media solution that provides a simplified option to create subtitles for TV Ads. Creative content owners can now reach a wider audience with high-quality subtitles.
Subtitling your ads is just three simple steps away!"

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  • "Subtitling Solutions"

    Cloud-based subtitling of TV Ads for broadcast and online delivery. The combination of enterprise-level workflow that leverages innovative technology and experienced subtitle editors help deliver timely and accurate ADA compliant subtitles efficiently.


Subtitling Solutions from Digital Nirvana covers all major aspects for content owners to be in compliance with regulations while at the same time providing better user experience. The combination of innovative technology and experienced subtitle editors provide coverage across varying domains like broadcast, entertainment media, kids programming, education, enterprise, houses of worship, legal, finance, medical, advertisements etc. The customized workflow even accommodates special requests for music videos and color-coding for advertisements and can be set based on the account and customer preferences.

Why SubtitleNow

SubtitleNow in specific is created for TV Ads broadcast across the UK and Europe, providing a one-stop solution for subtitling and related requirements. Users could submit their video assets through a simplified process on SubtitleNow Portal and these assets get transferred to DN’s secure cloud servers. The automated workpool transfers content to individual subtitle editors for editing and conformance. Upon completion, the output is sent for subtitle file creation in the requested formats including SRT, EBU-STL, EBU-TT-D, SMPTE-TT. The workflow further transfers the sidecar file attached to each request through an automated QC system which validates the final output. The final output is returned to the customer over a desired data transfer protocol.

DN runs operation 24 X 7 over the past 15 years and is easily accessible.